Dynex Semiconductor

Dynex designs and manufactures high-power semiconductors for customers around the world, including Europe, the USA and the fast-growing Far East markets.

Founded in Lincoln, England in 1956, Dynex Semiconductor is a global supplier of products and services specializing in semiconductors and power circuits.
Dynex Semiconductor designs and manufactures semiconductors that meet the needs of its customers all over the world, including America, Europe and the rapidly growing Far East market.
The company, whose headquarters is still in Lincoln, produces products such as high-power thyristor, Diode, IGBT, GTO and semiconductor coolers, rail systems, renewable energy systems, motor drivers, HVDC, EV Vehicles, etc., with its rich history and over 65 years of experience. offers the use of industrial segments such as
BOR Electronics Inc. As of 2018, it is the authorized and sole distributor of the DYNEX Semiconductor brand in Turkey, the Middle East and Greece, and is at your service with its expert, competent and dynamic staff.


SwissSEM is your partner for the world of tomorrow.

SwissSEM is a fast growing independent supplier of power semiconductors. Our deep knowledge of application and market requirements combined with our technical expertise allows us to develop smart and sophisticated solutions. We make industry applications more efficient. Our aim is to provide more sustainable but greener mobility and products that facilitate the conversion of natural resources into green energy.
Electricity from natural sources such as the sun and wind changes over time and cannot be fed directly into the electrical grid. Our IGBTs are at the center of the power conversion, transforming electricity into the right form and stability so it can be fed into the grid.
Electric motors drive a variety of industrial applications such as ventilators, ropeways and paper-handling machinery. Such applications require motors with variable speed and power output. With our IGBT power semiconductors, the power flow and shape of electricity can be controlled almost without loss, resulting in energy savings of up to 30% compared to previous methods (such as lossy mechanical throttling).
Electric Vehicles
Greener Transport requires a shift from fossil fuels to more sustainable sources. Electricity can be generated with renewable energy and stored in batteries or as hydrogen. Cars, buses, trucks and trains run either directly on electricity via catenary or with energy stored in the vehicle (from batteries or hydrogen). Our IGBT semiconductors drive the electric motors of vehicles with a conversion efficiency of well over 95%.

Posital Fraba

It designs and sells sensors for high precision industrial protractor home positioning applications.

Posital is one of the pioneers of the sector, operating in the production of motion control products of the FRABA brand, which was established in 1918. It is headquartered in Cologne, Germany.
Posital produced the first encoder in 1963 and its product range includes encoders, tilt sensors and linear position sensors. In particular, technologies called Wiegand Sensor are supplied by many encoder manufacturers and are at the core of magnetic encoder architecture.
With over 100 years of technology, more than 200 employees and 7 production locations all over the world, Posital markets its experience in motion control with its products and services worldwide.
The Posital brand is pleased to be your partner that will bring you, our valued customers, to perfection with its wide product range, quality certificates and open source communication protocols of which it is a member.
BOR Electronics Inc. Has been the Türkiye distributor and sole authorized dealer of POSITAL FRABA since 2017r.

Miro Fuse

Zhejiang Mingrong Electrical Protection Co., Ltd (shortly “Mingrong”) is a French-invested enterprise.

Zhejiang Mingrong Electrical Protection Co.,Ltd. Or in short, "Mingrong" company was established in 1981 in Zhejiang city of Wenzhou province of China, and as of 2008, it is a global semiconductor protection fuse manufacturer that continues its activities under the French Electronic component giant MERSEN.
With nearly 40 years of experience and nearly 500 qualified employees, it produces and exports high quality fuses, fuse bases, load disconnectors all over the world.
Miro branded products, CE etc. It has already become a company that has made a name for itself in the market with its performance in heavy industry.
BOR Electronics Inc. As our company, our company has been the authorized and sole distributor of Miro brand for Turkey and Middle East market since 2017.

Vitector Fraba

It designs and sells safety sensors for doors, industrial covers and different applications.

Vitector is the developer and manufacturer of safety sensors and systems for industrial door systems of the FRABA brand, which was established in 1918.
Its product range includes optical and pneumatic measuring equipment, buffers and photoelectric sensors that meet international standards and customer expectations.
In addition to industrial applications, Vitector also manufactures and markets products for mobile application doors such as trains and buses.
BOR Electronics Inc. Since 2017, it has been the Turkey distributor and sole official seller of the Vitector brand simultaneously with Posital..

LTN Servotechnik

Founded in 1979 in Germany, LTN Servotechnik GmbH specializes in the manufacture of resolvers, sliprings and encoders.

LTN Servotecnic Gmbh was founded in 1979 in Otterfing, Germany.
With more than 40 years of experience, it produces industrial sliprings (rotary collector), resolvers and encoders.
LTN, which is one of the most established manufacturers in Europe and one of the leading manufacturers of sliprings and resolvers, exports its German technology and high quality products to all over the world.
LTN is also a boutique company, designing, developing and producing new products specific to customer projects and needs.
BORON A.S. Since 2017, it has been the distributor of LTN in Turkey and is the only authorized dealer.

Nidec Avtron

BOR A.S. Since 2021, it has been the distributor of Nidec-Avtron company in Türkiye and is the only authorized dealer.

Nidec Avtron Automation brings systems and product expertise to the industrial automation market. We deliver value to our customers through evolving automation solutions in heavy industrial applications where uptime and efficiency are critical. At Nidec-Avtron, we manufacture a full line of encoder products from light factory to heavy-duty applications, including AC, DC and SR drive systems, ATEX approved encoders for hazardous environments, and diagnostic and productivity software. We specialize in selling highly reliable component products as well as optimizing system performance and increasing customer productivity and profitability. The key markets Nidec-Avtron serves are: Cranes, Pulp/Paper, Mining, Metals, Marine, Oil & Gas, and Wind Energy.
BOR A.S. Since 2021, it has been the distributor of Nidec-Avtron company in Türkiye and is the only authorized dealer.