Screw Protection Fuses


Miro Fuse RL1

Supporters for D01-D03, D ~D fuses of all application II IIIkinds (gG, aM, aR) in electric lines (type gG) are capable of working under the heat caused by rated current and prospective short-circuit impacting current up to 50KA. Rated insulate voltage up to 1140V; Working frequency 50Hz AC; Rated current 200A. Compliant with GB13539.1, GB13539.3, GB13539.5 and IEC 269-1, IEC269-3 .

  • Katagori: Vidalı Koruma Sigortaları
  • Etiketler: Sigorta
This series of fuses bases are made up of fuse carrier and supporter. Insert the fuse into the carrier, which will be screwed into the supporter to form a complete screw fuse unit. There is a transparent glass window on the top of the fuse carrier, through which the status of the fuse can be easily observed. It can be screw installed or rail installed. (Figures 10.1-10.13).