Screw Protection Fuses


Miro Fuse RO201-RO203

Protection against overload and short-circuit in electric lines (type gG), also available for protection of semiconductor parts and equipments against short-circuit (type aR) and protection of motors (type aM).Rated voltage up to 1140V; Rated current up to 630A; Working frequency 50Hz AC; Rated breaking capacity up to 50KA. Compliant with GB13539 and IEC269.

  • Katagori: Vidalı Koruma Sigortaları
  • Etiketler: Sigorta
Variable cross-section fuse element made from pure metal sealed in cartridge made from high-duty ceramic. Fuse tube filled with chemically treated high-purity quartz sand as arc-extinguishing medium. Indicator springs out when fuse cuts to give caution.