Incremental Encoder


Avtron Incremental Encoder HS35A

  • Fits Shafts 1/2" to 1" [12mm-25mm]
  • IP66 Seals
  • Up to 10,000 PPR
  • Replaces Competitive Models Without Rewiring
  • -40°C to +100°C Operation
  • 2 Year No-Hassle Warranty
  • Full Protection from Miswiring
  • Onboard Diagnostics with LED
  • Drives up to 1000 feet [330m] cable
    • Katagori: Incremental Encoder Avtron
    • Etiketler: Enkoder
    • Datasheet:

    Finally--the breakthrough you have been waiting for--a HS35 magnetic encoder, high IP rating AND a super-competitive price! The HS35X is drop-in compatible with all competitive HS35 size encoders, making replacements a breeze!

    HS35X encoders fit shafts from 1/2" to 1" [12mm-25mm] easily, using a durable shaft insert*. Units may be resized by replacing or removing the insert, enabling our factory, distributors, and customer stockrooms to swiftly meet any need. The shaft insert and isolated bearings also provide isolation from motor shaft currents.

    Optical encoders suffer so many failures--broken glass disks, misaligned masks, vibration problems, condensing liquids that confuse the optics...the list never ends! Our magnetic technology is fully protected against dust, dirt, liquids and condensation. Our Wide-Gap electronics prevent rotor-sensor crashes too!

    Who needs 6 different connector types on their machinery! Use the HS35X universal cable adapter system to use the same connector on every encoder!

    Wondering if your encoder is working right? The HS35X has full diagnostics, informing you of signal quality, and ensuring there are no shorts in the wiring to or from the encoder.

    Step up to the HS35X without paying more than your current price for a weak optical encoder!