Incremental Encoder


Avtron Incremental Encoder AV45

  • Fits European B10 Standard Flange
  • Replaces Competitive Models Without Rewiring or Mechanical Changes
  • Universal 5-24V Operation
  • Protected from Wiring Errors
  • LED & Remote Alarm Diagnostics
  • -40°C to +100°C Operation
  • 3 Year No-Hassle Warranty
  • Mechanical Overspeed Switch Option

  • Katagori: Incremental Encoder Avtron
  • Etiketler: Enkoder
  • Datasheet:

AV45 EU-SMART™ heavy mill duty solid shaft magnetic incremental quadrature rotary encoders fit European B10 (85mm) flanges with 100mm bolt circles, and offer 10 or 11mm shaft sizes. AV45 also offers foot mounting, with bolt patterns to match Hubner POG/OG styles, PGH4 styles, and Toshiba foot-mounted resolvers. Also available: AV115 modular magnetic to fit flanges using a no-bearing design & HS45 EU-SMART™ hollow shaft models.

EU-SMART™ encoders feature durable construction, simple installation, and clear diagnostics to eliminate encoder-related downtime:

AV45 built-in magnetic sensors are fully potted to withstand dirt and liquids and extreme temperature changes. No glass disks, no optics to clog. Bigger bearings and superior seals far outlast any comparable model.

The AV45 enables you to change the electrical connector in the field or at your Avtron distributor for maximum flexibility and the shortest delivery times! The universal 5-24V design drives longer cables and is protected against wiring errors and surges.

When you power up an AV45, the green light tells you the digital self-tuning has set your encoder for optimal signal output.

If at any time, the AV45 cannot produce ideal incremental quadrature signals, the light changes to red, and the remote alarm contact activates. However, the encoder keeps working to give you time to schedule service.

The AV45 easily replaces competitive models, and the incredible durability ensures it is the last replacement encoder you will ever need!