Incremental Encoder


Avtron Incremental Encoder HS25A

  • Fits shafts 3/8" to 3/4"
  • Simple Installation
  • Unbreakable Optical Disk
  • Up to 8192 PPR
  • Wide-Gap Technology: Up to 8X larger gap between sensor and rotor
  • Replaces Competitive Models without Rewiring
  • Fits end of shaft applications
  • IP65/Nema 4, 13 Rating: Dust and Liquid Tight
  • Superior Bearings and Seals
  • -20°C to +100°C Operation *
  • 2 Year No-Hassle Warranty
    • Katagori: Incremental Encoder Avtron
    • Etiketler: Enkoder
    • Datasheet:

    HS25A encoders fit shafts from 3/8" to 3/4" easily, using a durable shaft insert; units may be resized by replacing or removing the insert, enabling our factory, distributors, and customer stockrooms to swiftly meet any need. The shaft insert (3/8" to 5/8") [6 to 16mm] also provides isolation from motor shaft currents, while permitting case grounding to meet NEC requirements.

    Avtron encoders have superior shaft seals and bearings that stay sealed to keep contaminants out, through temperature cycling and liquid sprays. Our encoder seals are protected by mechanical barriers to prevent flexing or failure, and Avtron’s superior bearings feature synthetic lubricants for even longer life.

    Many competitive optical encoder designs risk sensor damage from any vibration or shock: sensors ride less than four thousandths of an inch from the thin, often flexible, optical disk spinning at full motor speeds. Some designs even use thin glass disks in “industrial” products! Avtron uses only unbreakable disks and a sensor to disk gap over 8X larger than the competition.

    Our optical HS25A encoders use superior sensor, disk, bearing, and seal technology to give top performance in industrial conditions. Select an Avtron HS25A today!