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Counterfeit Product Warning from DYNEX Company

Counterfeit Product Warning from DYNEX Company

April 25, 2023

It is noteworthy that a large number of counterfeit products have appeared in the semiconductor market.
Unfortunately, many of these products have markings and labels that are very similar to those on Dynex's original products, making it difficult to see the difference.

Dynex; to ensure that their products are properly manufactured, tested, processed and to prevent malfunctions.
It has comprehensive controls to ensure its storage. Counterfeit products are not subject to these processes. This
Therefore, Dynex does not warrant any parts purchased through unauthorized channels and failure of counterfeit products
does not accept any responsibility for the negativities that may occur afterwards.
Here is Dynex's advice to customers:
• Only purchase products directly from Dynex or Dynex authorized distributors. Customer service
Our team can advise you on whether a distributor is authorized through the following communication channels.
• Unless Dynex or a Dynex authorized distributor provides you with a product change notice or on the Dynex Website
Purchase Dynex products if their appearance is different from the Dynex products you normally buy, unless they appear in the data sheets.
should not be taken.
• We strongly recommend against purchasing extraordinarily low-priced Dynex products from unauthorized distributors. Dynex;
does not support the sale of its products through online open sales. As Dynex, we are happy to confirm the authenticity of our products.
We will be glad. To enable us to do this, please contact Dynex Customer Service or
contact your local Dynex authorized distributor (contact details below):

Part number, quantity purchased, unit cost
Name of supplier with address, phone and web/email addresses
Digital photographs of the inner and outer label, inner and outer packaging, and the front and back of the product
Copy of purchase order and invoice
This article aims to provide you with more information about counterfeit products and the steps that can be taken to recognize them better.

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