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IGBT modules, An Opportunity to Renew

IGBT modules, An Opportunity to Renew

April 25, 2023

Dynex; It manufactures a range of high power IGBT modules, including half bridge, chopper, double, single and bidirectional switch configurations, covering voltages from 1200V to 6500V and currents up to 3600A.

It also has the ability to design, develop and manufacture custom IGBT modules. Most of our wide range of IGBT modules are built on standard baseplates, which means we can continue to protect finished products.

Some manufacturers have discontinued the use of commonly used single-key devices in the installed application base with a new structure. Dynex is committed to continuing to offer single-key die generations in 140 x 130 mm packages to support new designs and maintenance of existing products. In this context, Dynex is able to offer an IGBT module alternative that is more suitable (less financially and environmentally friendly) instead of replacing a complete drive system when the production or use of power semiconductors required for maintenance or refurbishment ends.

Legacy IGBT modules are a realistic reason to renew traction applications due to their reduced efficiency. Many legacy systems are coming to the end of their service life, requiring major overhauls. Dynex is fully prepared to manufacture and maintain existing IGBT devices to support modern power unit replacement and refurbishment demands. Visit our website for technical specifications of our 140 x 130 mm IGBT module portfolio that supports the alternative product market with a wide variety of package options.

Our IGBT devices are designed to reduce switching losses for the following applications

• High reliability inverters

• Motor controllers

• Traction drives

• One-switch circuit topologies